Making a case for courage…

The world does not need another blog.

More importantly, it does not need another blog about courage.

It may, however, need just one about courage in the workplace.

The aim of this site is to provide an outlet for that material which crosses my desk in the course of my research on courage. So much of what I come across during my interviews, may never make it into a paper, project, or publication. However, I want to make sure that these narratives and perspectives have a voice and hopefully, that others can contribute to that voice.

The outcome of this endeavor may be just another redundant blog but time will tell.


About Neil D. Walshe

Neil Walshe is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the University of San Francisco, California. His research looks at the role of courage and cowardice in the workplace in order to understand how moral behaviors relate to the world of work. While much of his work focuses on military and high-risk occupations, he tries to place the concept within the realm of more traditional white collar professions.
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